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Rev. Franklin Graham: Obama Was 'Guided By Influences Of Islam' (Video)

Rev. Franklin Graham claimed on Oct. 5 that President Obama was "guided by influences of Islam" when he was younger, and suggested that may account for Obama's support of gay marriage and abortion (video below).

Graham made his comments on Newsmax TV after host Steve Malzber said that Obama “claims to be a devout Christian who can’t bring himself to feel anything” for Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East by ISIS, reports

However, the White House has condemned the murders of Christians by ISIS and the persecution of Christians.

Graham replied:

First of all, the president, when he was growing up, his influences were Islam. His paternal father is Muslim, his stepfather was a Muslim, he went to Muslim schools. So, his formative years were all guided by influences of Islam.

Politifact notes that Obama lived in Indonesia, which is a Muslim country, "approximately from the ages of 6 to 10." Politifact adds that Obama attended a public school that "taught a small amount of mainstream Islam" and that "Obama also attended a Catholic school in Indonesia for several years."

Graham failed to mention that abortion and homosexuality are forbidden under Islam, but added:

And so, his Christian position, I don’t know. All I know is that the policies that he has stood behind as president have been against Christ and against his teaching.

Abortion is a sin, and if you look at same-sex marriage, this is a sin against God.

And the president has stood defiantly against God. And against his teaching. And the teachings of the scriptures.

So, I don't know where the president comes from, I do know that the persecution in the Middle East today of Christians being slaughtered in Syria, they're being slaughtered in Iraq.

Obama ordered the bombing of ISIS in Iraq after the terrorist group threatened Christians and Yezidis in 2014, noted the Daily Mail. Obama had bombed seven predominantly Muslim countries by 2014, reported The Intercept.

Graham recently expressed his support for the Syrian government, which has a long history of purported war crimes, and Russian President Vladimir Putin's plans to intervene in that country, which turned out to be bombing that was condemned by the U.S.

Sources:, Politifact, White House, U.S. State Department,Daily Mail, The Intercept / Photo Credit: NewsmaxTV Screenshot


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