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Rev. Franklin Graham: 'Obama Administration Is Celebrating Sin' (Video)

Rev. Franklin Graham recently claimed that the Obama administration is leading the country into "moral decline" by "championing things like same-sex marriage“ (video below).

Graham, who recently made news by supporting the oppressive Syrian government, made his remarks during a podcast interview with "The Church Boys," notes TheBlaze.

Graham stated:

Well, our country has changed so much, and we’ve seen the moral decline, and that moral decline being led, you know, by the Obama administration, and championing things like same-sex marriage, which is really defiance against God. Same-sex marriage is a sin against God. God made us male and female.

And then to say that marriage is npw between two men or two women, this is sin and the Obama administration is celebrating sin and they are pushing sin.

Graham claimed that he wasn't bashing LGBT people, and added:

But I want them to know the truth, that the lifestyle that they are living, God will one day judge that. And they’ll stand before God and God will condemn and they will spend an eternity separated from him.

But can a gay person be forgiven? Yes. But they have to turn, like any of us who are sinners, we have to turn from our sin. We can't say, "God, we love you and we believe in Jesus Christ," but yet continue on in the sins that we are doing.

Whether it be murdering people, or whether it be stealing, whether it be, you know, it be committing adultery, cheating on your wife or your husband.

On Oct. 2, Graham claimed on Facebook that the mass shooting in Oregon was evidence of the persecution and targeting of Christians in America.

Graham linked to a story on CNN in which victim Anastasia Boylan's father, Stacy, told the cable network, "And they would stand up and he said, 'Good, because you're a Christian, you're going to see God in just about one second.'"

Sources: TheBlaze, Facebook, CNN / Photo Credit: Leszek Janczuk/Wikimedia


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