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Rev. Franklin Graham Drops Pro-Gay Bank, Joins Another Pro-Gay Bank (Video)

Rev. Franklin Graham announced yesterday on the Family Research Council's radio show "Washington Watch" that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is pulling out of Wells Fargo bank.

Graham didn't mention the numerouswrongful home foreclosures by Wells Fargo or the bank's alleged mortgage violations in New York State as his reasons to pull out (video below).

According to, Graham is upset about Wells Fargo's new commercial that features a lesbian couple who learn sign language prior to adopting a deaf child (video below).

Graham said Wells Fargo is promoting "the gay lesbian agenda, which is an agenda, which is contrary to the teachings of God and His standards and it's promoting sin. And I'm just not going to business with a company that promotes sin that way."

Graham announced that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association would be using BB&T Bank, which he called a "good solid bank."

However, BB&T Bank is listed as a sponsor on this year's Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade website.

The Miami Herald reported in February about a Miami Beach Gay Pride fundraiser to honor same-sex "Legacy Couples" that was going to be held at a BB&T Bank, which issued a press release stating its support.

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Image Credit: Leszek Jańczuk


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