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Rev. Franklin Graham Defends Guns, Attacks Obama, Claims Christians Were Martyred In Oregon (Video)

The Rev. Franklin Graham claimed on Oct. 8 that Christians who were killed in the mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, on Oct. 1 were martyrs, and condemned President Barack Obama for not stating it and defended gun ownership (video below).

Graham made his comments in response to Fox News host Todd Starnes' false claim that "eyewitness accounts" proved that "Christians were martyred on American soil."

In reality, those accounts have come from family members of Anastasia Boylan, one of the shooting victims, but Boylan herself didn't make that claim, even during an interview with "Good Morning America."

Starnes asked Graham why Obama has not spoken out on the Christian martyrs in Oregon and has been so "tone deaf" to "Christians under attack."

"It just baffles me that [Obama] will speak prior to giving all the facts," Graham replied.

Graham didn't say what facts Obama lacked, but then called for laws that would allow law enforcement to have access to Americans' mental health medical records, which they have had access to, without a warrant, for years under the USA Patriot Act and HIPAA regulations, notes the American Civil Liberties Union.

Graham also stated:

"So, I wish the president instead of trying to say, 'Well, we need to take away the guns.' First of all, you could take away all the guns in the world, and you could stack them up in Central Park there in New York and have a mountain of them, and not one gun is going to jump out of that stack and shoot at you or hurt anybody. It takes a human being to pick up that gun."

Obama never said he was going "to take away the guns."

"I don't understand the president," Graham later added. "Christians were martyred, they were asked specifically, 'Are you a Christian?'" by the gunman.

Graham also wrote on Facebook on Oct. 8: "The problem is not the gun, it’s the evil that lurks within the human heart."

Graham failed to mention that a new study found that the U.S. leads the world in gun ownership and mass shootings, notes RT.

The Harvard School of Health Public found in 2014 that several studies strongly linked high gun ownership to high numbers of gun deaths.

The Guardian noted a study in 2014 that found there are up to 100 deaths of children in the U.S. from accidental shootings, which is more than many countries have in total shooting fatalities.

Sources: Fox News via YouTube, RT, Harvard Injury Control Research Center, The Guardian, ACLU, Franklin Graham/Facebook / Photo credit: Fox News screenshot


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