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Rev. Franklin Graham: Ban Immigration From Muslim Countries (Video)

Rev. Franklin Graham appeared on the Fox News program "The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson" today and called for a ban on Muslim immigration from countries where there have been Muslim terrorists.

According to a video posted by, Rev. Graham stated:

First of all, we need to declare war on ISIS, and we need to go wherever they are, whether it's Iraq, whether it's Libya. And we need to use our special forces, we need to take our air action, and we have to put boots on the ground, you're not going to defeat these people the way we're doing it now.

However, President Obama has been bombing ISIS in Iraq and Syria as far back as September 2014, noted The New York Times. CNN reported in February that President Obama requested funding from Congress for a three-year battle against ISIS.

Carlson reminded Rev. Graham that President Obama has previously declared war on ISIS "in so many words, he said he wanted to eradicate the world of them."

Rev. Graham then claimed President Obama was responsible for ISIS because he pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq (per the legal agreement made between President George W. Bush and the Iraqi government).

Rev. Graham also blamed President Obama for allowing ISIS into Libya by aiding in the removal of Libya's ruthless dictator Libyan Muammar Gaddafi.

Christopher Chivvis, a senior political scientist at the Rand Corporation, told The Guardian in 2014, "In the end, [Gaddafi] was killed by his own citizens, not surprisingly, given how he had ruled them.”

"What we have to do in this country, Gretchen, is we have to stop allowing the immigration of Muslims into this country who come from countries that have active terrorist cells," Rev. Graham said.

Carlson asked Rev. Graham how he would know those people would be terrorists, and he replied, "You don't, you just gonna have to say, 'You don't come.'"

Rev. Graham claimed that Muslim immigration had to be stopped or "we're gonna have a huge problem in this country just like what we're seeing right now in Minnesota."

Rev. Graham didn't explain what the Minnesota problem was, but added that the U.S. is going to have discriminate against Muslim immigrants if it wants to win the war against ISIS.

Rev. Graham called again for American troops in Iraq, and claimed that the Iraqi army, which President Bush spent billions to train, was under the control of Iran. He added that the U.S. would have to stay in Iraq "for a long time."

Sources: CNN, The New York Times,, The Guardian
Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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