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Rev. Danny Kirk Beaten to Death by Man With a Guitar

Rev. Danny Kirk Sr., the founding pastor of the Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church in Forest Hill, Texas, was recently beaten to death by an unidentified man who rammed his car into the church's wall.

An unidentified church secretary called 911 and said: "My pastor's bleeding, he's been attacked. I'm not going out there. I need real help fast. Send policeman. I do need an ambulance also."

When police arrived at the church, they found the man hitting Rev. Kirk with an electric guitar, reports the Daily Mail.

Police used a Taser to subdue the man, but it was too late for Rev. Kirk who had already died.

The man became unresponsive after being taken into custody and was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

After the attack, hundreds of people gathered around the church and mourned Rev. Kirk as a dedicated minister. Rev. Kirk started the church years ago in a strip mall before building a red-brick sanctuary.

Reginald Wilson, an associate minister at the church, said: "Our hearts are heavy right now."

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