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Rev. Billy Talen Leads 'Golden Toad' Protest in Chase Bank Over Coal Investments (Video)

Rev. Billy Talen is famous, or infamous, for his Black Friday protests, which include members of the Church of Stop Shopping.

Talen turned his wrath on a Chase Bank in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Saturday, where he was accompanied by some protesters dressed in golden toad hats (video below).

Talen yelled into his megaphone as the protesters sang against JPMorgan Chase Bank's investment in the coal industry and the extinction of the golden toad in the Amazon rainforest because of energy companies.

According to, a 2012 environmental report by the Rainforest Action Network, Bank Trac and the Sierra Club stated: “JPMorgan finances more utility companies on our ‘risk’ list than any other bank and is additionally the leading underwriter of the global coal industry.”

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