Rev. Angel Armando Perez, Dressed Only in Underwear, Chases Boy Down Street

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In Woodburn, Oregon, James Curths saw a 12-year-old boy running down the street toward him on Sunday night. 

Seconds later, Rev. Angel Armando Perez, dressed only in underwear, also ran up.  Curths said the boy told him that a priest had "touched his privates," reports Oregon Live.

Rev. Perez tried to wave the boy over as Curths and his sister-in-law, Heather Rodriguez, decided to drive the boy to his relatives.

When Rodriguez and Curths told Rev. Perez that they were calling the police, he jogged away in his speedo underwear.

On Monday, the unidentified boy gave police an account of the alleged sex abuse that happened at Rev. Perez's home. 

The boy claimed he and his family attended a church event at St. Luke Catholic Church on Sunday night, and the boy went with Rev. Perez to his house.

The boy said that Rev. Perez gave him a beer and they watched a movie. Later, the boy fell asleep on a mattress in the house.

However, when the boy woke up, he saw Rev. Perez next to the air mattress, with one hand on his boy's genitals and one hand holding a cellphone.

After the boy discovered his underwear lowered to his knees, he said goodbye and ran off.

Rev. Perez was arraigned in Marion County Circuit Court on Tuesday. He faces charges of first-degree sexual abuse, abuse of a child in the display of sexually explicit conduct, furnishing alcohol to a minor and driving under the influence of intoxicants.


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