Restaurant Owner Lets Customers Decide What They Pay (Video)


A restaurant owner in North Carolina certainly has developed an interesting business model, as she’s decided to forgo prices and instead allow customers to decide what they want to pay for their meals as a way of “turning it over to God.”

Dana Parris’ restaurant Just Cookin in Dallas, North Carolina used to follow the normal menu approach with prices and everything, but after a slow summer that brought her to her knees for help financially, Parris decided she needed to stop stressing and start trusting.

“He just came to me and said I don’t need to do it, I need to let him do it,” Parris said to The Gaston Gazette. “The way I could show I was giving God control was to give him control of the cash register.”

Now, when a customer asks for their check, Parris says, “What was it worth to you?” Her unique approach to business is certainly risky, but Parris says she knows that it will work out if it is supposed to.

“I pray that showing this little bit of faith will catch on and other people will have faith,” said Parris. “I hope people will see his love shining here.”

Parris says her new method of running her restaurant will also be good for those who are hungry but don’t have a lot of money.

The restaurant’s customers have been overwhelmingly supportive of Parris’ new business model, with many of them commending her strong faith and trust.

“I think it’s great to see someone test their faith, putting everything on the line, showing a little bit of trust,” said regular customer Jerry Scruggs.

Find out more about Dana Parris and Just Cookin in the clip below.

Sources: My Fox 8, Addicting Info, The Gaston Gazette


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