Reshad Riddle Shoots Dad Richard Riddle After Easter Service, Yells 'The Will of Allah'


Richard Riddle was leaving the Hiawatha Church of God in Christ in Ashtabula, Ohio, on Sunday after an Easter service, when he was allegedly shot and killed by his son Reshad Riddle.

“It was terrifying,” associate pastor Sean Adams told the The Star Beacon. “The children were screaming, and people were dialing 911. We were afraid to breathe.”

Adams said Reshad claimed that the murder was “the will of Allah. This is the will of God.”

"People pushed me into a back office and said, 'Somebody's here with a gun,'" Rev. David Howard Jr. told The Plain Dealer. "This guy was outside hollering and acting crazy."

Reshad, who was using a handgun, was arrested by police, who arrived minutes following the shooting. 

So far no motive for the shooting has been reported, but it may have been a religious conflict between father and son.

Sources: The Star Beacon, The Plain Dealer


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