Republican Steve King Slams Obama for Admiring Jason Collins, But Not Tim Tebow (Video)

Two weeks ago, President Obama dialed up NBA baller Jason Collins to congratulate him for becoming the first NBA player to publicly announce that he’s gay.

Tea Party Congressman Steve King didn't like that very much, apparently. He thinks that Obama calling Collins but not Tim Tebow (who, King says, always takes a knee and prays to God before his NFL games), is a flat out degradation of America.

“In a freewheeling discussion of everything from immigration to Russian Marxists,” writes ThinkProcess, “the Iowa congressman criticized Obama’s decision to call Collins after his courageous move.”

Why, asks King, didn’t Obama call up Tebow to praise him for his dedication to God?

King feels that Obama should at the very least be equal in his offers of congratulations. Specifically, he says:

"I hear the president reducing or lowering American values by his comments that take place in the public and in the press. Think about the things he’s chosen to take sides on. [...] Then we’ve got Tim Tebow who will kneel and pray to God on the football field. Meanwhile we have a professional athlete that decides he’s going to announce his sexuality and he gets a personal call from the United States to highlight the sexuality of a professional ballplayer. These are ways that the culture gets undermined, where it gets divided. The people over on this side take their followership from that kind of leadership. One notch at a time, American civilization, American culture, western civilization, western Judeo-Christiandom are eroded."

King has a record of being not so keen on Gay rights. He has argued, notes ThinkProcess, that marriage equality is a “purely socialist concept,” and has also trivialized marriage equality by saying “you don’t need a license to begin a new friendship.” This is only a small sampling of his cries out against the LGBT community.

Sources: Huffington Post, ThinkProcess


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