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Report: Woman 'Possessed By Demon' Dies After Exorcism (Video)

A 22-year-old woman, who was supposedly possessed by demon, recently died after her family allegedly performed an exorcism at a church in Santa Cruz, Belize (video below).

Local news outlets reported that Jaqueline Sanchez had suffered several illnesses, convulsions and hysteria that doctors could not diagnose, according to the Daily Mirror.

Sanchez had also played with a Ouija board, leading her parents to reportedly conclude that she was possessed by a demon.

During the exorcism, Sanchez's body allegedly lifted up into the air, and she spoke with a male voice inside the Pentecostal Church of San Ignacio de Velasco. The young woman was then held down, but at some point during the religious ritual she died.

"The forensic report realizes that this girl, identified as Jaqueline Sanchez, died of natural causes due to a cardiac arrest, and the bruises and lacerations to her body [were] due to a trance that he was suffering," Roger Gutierrez, spokesman for the Special Force to Fight Crime Santa Cruz (FELCC) said, the Daily Mirror reports.

It's not clear how a "trance" could cause cardiac arrest, bruises and lacerations, and the FELCC is still investigating her death.

Exorcisms are not limited to third-world countries. A teacher at Texas State University noted on on Nov. 30 that he/she teaches a class called, “Demonology, Possession, and Exorcism.”

The teacher wrote that historian David Frankfurter found that belief in demonic forces may happen when religious communities believe that hard times and social change are caused by mysterious evil forces, which may actually be globalization and modernity.

Additionally, major religions teach that demon possession is possible today, even though demonic possession was diagnosed as mental illness in the 19th century.

Sources: Daily Mirror, / Photo Credit: EJU.TV/Daily Mirror Screenshot

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