Report: Religion-Based Pregnancy Center Tells Students That Marriage Prevents STDs

American Atheists, a secular organization, sent a letter to the Wooster City School District in Ohio on Nov. 9 complaining about faith-based sex educators allegedly visiting the school and giving students biologically incorrect information on the week of October 28.

According to American Atheists, the educators were representatives from the Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County, which is a religiously-based facility that does not offer abortion, emergency contraception or prevention/screening for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).

An eighth-grade student reportedly told his or her parents that the reps informed students that marriage could prevent STDs, adoption is the only option for a female who is impregnated by rape or incest, and that students should refrain from having kids until they are married.

Amanda Knief, American Atheists National Legal and Public Policy Director, said in a press release: "Parents should expect schools to provide students with factual information about every subject. To see that students have been lied to about their options if they are sexually assaulted and lied to about how to protect themselves from STDs is appalling. Without providing accurate information, the school is putting students’ lives at risk."

American Atheists is calling on the school district to allow a "non-religiously affiliated health center to provide accurate information to the students" who were allegedly told the inaccurate information by the pregnancy care center reps.

The Huffington Post contacted the pregnancy care center, which did not comment, but the pregnancy care center website proudly says, "Welcomed by school administrators as a positive message for students, the PCC has taken the abstinence message into Wayne and Holmes County schools for decades. Nearly 3000 students hear the abstinence message yearly, offering a factual and common sense approach to sexuality in the lives of maturing students."

The pregnancy care center website states on another page: "Our mission began at the Wooster Grace Brethren Church."

Sources: American Atheists (2) The Huffington Post, Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County (2) / Image Credit: Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County Logo


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