Conservative Christian Voters Helped Sen. Ted Cruz Win Iowa (Video)


Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas strongly courted conservative evangelical Christians in Iowa prior to his victory over fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump by 28-24 percent in the state caucus on Feb. 1. Cruz even has a "national prayer team" that hosts phone calls (video below) warning that Cruz's election is a battle between Satan and God.

According to, the leader of the phone-call arena is Bonnie Miller, who said in a Jan. 26 call that Satan “is always on the lookout to distract any one of us who prays for our nation and for Ted and for this presidential campaign.”

The conservative Weekly Standard notes that many political observers thought Trump would benefit from the record turnout in Iowa, which would probably not include large numbers of evangelical Christians based on 2012's caucus.

However, CNN's entrance polling of voters found that 64 percent of Iowa voters identified themselves as Born-Again or Evangelical Christian. Cruz won 34 percent of these voters, while Trump got 22 percent and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida clocked in at 21 percent.

Cruz also topped all age groups except possibly 25-29, whose numbers were not available.

Cruz had 32 percent of voters who had some college education, while Trump took 32 percent of those with only a high school diploma.

Sources: CNN, The Weekly Standard, / Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia

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