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Replace U.S. Law With Ten Commandments, Says Family Research Council (Audio)

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins recently lamented the number of laws in the United States and said it would be far more easier to use the Ten Commandments from the Bible.

The Ten Commandments appear in the Book of Exodus, but were not the only laws given by God to the Israelites. The Books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy have numerous laws, including dietary laws and what types of clothing to wear.

Perkins did not mention those laws, but instead cherry-picked the Ten Commandments as he scolded the collective "we" several times (audio below).

"Well, historically for so long, our laws were based upon God's laws," Perkins said. "As we got our civil law, that's where it had its basis. But as we have pushed God's truth out of the way, what we have had to do is, we've seen the creation of statutes that are so numerous ... it would be a lot simpler if we operated on the Ten Commandments."

He added: "We wouldn't have ten thousand laws that try to replace it. Most legislatures, every year they come in session, are passing more laws on top of the old laws to try to deal with problems that have been around since almost the beginning of time. We refuse to have any moral basis for what we say is right and wrong."



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