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Rep. Tim Huelskamp Debunked on Gay Marriage by NBC News' David Gregory (Video)

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., is planning to introduce a constitutional amendment — Federal Marriage Amendment — to ban gay marriage in the United States, which was the topic of conversation on NBC News' "Meet The Press" today.

While debating host David Gregory, Huelskamp repeatedly claimed that "research" has shown that having a mother and father is better for children than having parents of the same sex, noted

It is not clear what research Huelskamp was referring to in his exchange with Gregory (video below).

"For centuries in this country and elsewhere around the world, in every major world religion has identified marriage as between a man and a woman," Huelskamp said. "That's the simple issue here."

While that is true, Huelskamp did not mention that centuries ago, in the Bible a dowry had to be paid for marriages (Genesis 34:12) and a rapist could be commanded to marry his rape victim (Deuteronomy 22:28–29).  Neither of these biblical types of marriages are practiced today.

"There’s also research that indicates that ... everyone talks about the interests of children. Children tend to prosper in homes where there is a loving marriage," Gregory said. "There is really not evidence to suggest that if you are a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple that it makes one difference one way or the other."

Huelskamp responded: "Well actually the research does not show that, actually the research is very clear as we have indicated here, but..."

"No, no. Everybody throws that out, but the research actually shows that in broken homes, it hurts the children," Gregory said. "Which I think most people would say that would be true of same-sex couples or heterosexual couples. We don’t really know, do we? But we do have a sense that loving marriages provide a good family life for children, right?"

According to a study released in early June, children do just as well with gay couples, or even better, than with heterosexual couples. reports: "That is the initial finding from the world's largest study on the children of same-sex parents, under way at Melbourne University."

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