Rep. Steve King Says America is 'Christian Nation' Because People Ask Forgiveness (Video)

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) recently gave an interview to the conspiracy website WorldNetDaily about America's Christian heritage (video below).

Rep. King recalled how he once "proved" to liberal media personality Alan Combs years ago that America was a "Christian nation," noted RightWingWatch.org.

"If you drive home tonight and you drive in your driveway and your neighbor's dog has gotten loose and and runs in front of your car and you run over your neighbor's dog and kill your neighbor's dog. If you're any kind of a man, you'll go over to the neighbor and knock on the door and you will say 'I just killed your dog,'" said Rep. King.

"Alan, that's called 'confession.' And the next thing that you will say is, 'I'm sorry I didn't mean to' and your neighbor will... that's confession and repentance. And then once you repent you'll say, 'Please forgive me. I didn't mean to kill your dog, please forgive me.' Then your neighbor, if he's any kind of man he will say, 'Alan, you didn't mean to kill the dog. It really wasn't your fault, you have confessed, you are forgiven.' That's called redemption."

However, Rep. King did not mention that several non-Christian religions practice what he described. 

The congressman also failed to mention how America was founded on slavery, the attempted genocide of Native Americans, disallowing women the right to vote and child labor.

Additionally, the U.S. Constitution never mentions "God" and there has never been a national religion declared in the United States.

Source: Right WingWatch.org and Wikipedia.org


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