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Rep. Reid Ribble Blames Churches for U.S. Hunger to Justify Food Stamp Cuts (Video)

Sister Simone Campbell recently testified at a House hearing to oppose a new plan by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to cut food stamps for poor Americans.

Simone is a Catholic nun and the executive director of NETWORK, a Catholic social justice group.

Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Wis.) began his questioning of Campbell by recalling his Christian upbringing and family, notes (video below).

"My father was a minister. I have five older brothers, three of them are pastors and I've got two sons and one of them is a pastor," said Rep. Ribble.

"The United States population, I've seen numbers, anywhere up to 70, 73 percent would consider themselves 'Christian.' I'm struck by the church reaching out to government to do something that is so directly their nature."

“Christianity is all about serving the poor, reaching out to orphans and widows and meeting that need. What is the church doing wrong that it needs to come to government and get so much help?” asked Rep. Riddle.

Rep. Riddle is apparently unaware that donations to churches dropped by over $1 billion in 2010, reported The Christian Post. He also seemed to be unaware that self-identifying as a "Christian" does not mean actually obeying the teachings of Jesus Christ to feed the poor.

Campbell replied: "Last year, Bread for the World, a Christian organization, figured that on the House Republican budget cuts in food stamps, alone, that was last year's budget, would cause every church, synagogue, mosque, house of worship in the United States to each raise $50,000 each year for ten years to replace the amount of service that is being cut. We have  a limitation in our capacity to do that."

Rep. Ribble then claimed: "Your capacity is the same as our capacity, it's the same people."

Campbell reminded Rep. Riddle that churches have a limit on how many donations they can get.

She also stated: "In our church teaching, everyone has a right to eat, to realize their human dignity and therefore in our position there is a government responsibility to ensure everyone's capacity to eat."

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