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Rep. Paul Broun Vows to Vote Only for ‘Biblical’ Laws (Video)

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., who is running for the U.S. Senate, promised voters last Saturday that he will only vote for bills based on "Judeo-Christian Biblical principles."

According to, Broun made his promise during a Republican primary debate in Gainesville, Ga.

“There are four C’s that describe who I am and what drives me: Consistent, conservative, constitutionalist, Christian,” Broun announced (video below).

Broun said he would not vote for any law that didn't pass four tests.

“The second [test], does it fit the Judeo-Christian biblical principles our country was founded upon?” stated Broun.

Broun also promised to vote against unneeded and unaffordable laws.

Apparently, one of those laws is immigration reform.

During an interview with the Tea Party Express earlier this month, Broun said the only immigration law he supports is one “that makes English the official language of America,” noted (audio below).

Broun also said that immigration reform would be “disastrous for Republicans” and “disastrous for anybody who is freedom-loving."

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