Rep. Paul Broun Claims Gun Rights Were 'Given by Our Lord' (Video)


The “Safe Carry Protection Act” went into effect today in the state of Georgia.

The new law will allow gun owners to carry their weapons into churches, schools, restaurants, club and bars.

Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) recently told Newsmax TV how God had given Americans gun rights (video below).

"We know that when law-abiding citizens who know how to utilize a firearm have one on their person, it helps prevent crime," claimed Rep. Broun. "So this is a law that is going to help prevent shootings, it's going to help prevent crimes."

But according to the U.S. Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey, "guns are used for self defense (both successfully and unsuccessfully) by less than 1 percent of all violent crime victims," reports Mother Jones.

“We need to go back to the Constitution for not only the First Amendment, but the Second Amendment,” added Rep. Broun, noted “Because the First and Second Amendments are the guardians of our liberties. The Second Amendment is the one that really protects all of our liberties that we are given by our Lord, and our God-given rights, and are protected under the Constitution.”

There is no verse in the Bible that mentions guns or the Constitution.

"We've seen these school shootings all across the country, and we've seen where there has been a shooting with someone there that has the ability to protect themselves actually prevent kids from being shot," added Rep. Broun.

However, Rep, Braun failed to mention that there were armed security personnel at the Columbine high school and Virginia Tech shootings, which made no difference.

Rep, Braun then claimed that Aurora, Colo. shooter James Holmes picked a "gun-free" theater, which is popular rumor started by gun activist John R. Lott Jr. on

"The shooting in Aurora, Colo., happened at a movie theater that is a theater that advertised that they were a gun-free theater," said Rep. Broun. "And the crazy person passed several other movie theaters and went to one where he knew that he had the ability to go about his dastardly deed, heinous deed, with no one there to be able to stop him."

In reality, Holmes has not disclosed why he picked the Cinemark theater for his massacre.

The idea that "gun-free" zones somehow encourage criminals was created by the NRA in 2012 after the Newtown school shooting.

Mother Jones reported in 2013, "Among the 62 mass shootings over the last 30 years that we studied, not a single case includes evidence that the killer chose to target a place because it banned guns."

A 2013 study found that the U.S. has more guns and gun-related deaths than any other industrialized nation, reports ABC News.

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