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Rep. Michele Bachmann Says God Will Repeal Obamacare (Video)

Rep. Michele Bachmann told the American Family Association's Sandy Rios on her radio show this week that God would repeal Obamacare if Christians pray enough.

"Do you see any path of stopping [Obamacare]?" Rios asked Rep. Bachmann, noted (video below).

"I believe that God listens to his people and I think if believers humble themselves, confess their sins, and pray, I think God hears from us, hears our hearts and He moves, He moves in miraculous ways," replied Rep. Bachmann.

"I do believe it could happen because people are shocked at the amount of money that they have to pay, " added Rep. Bachmann. "Shocked that they can't get their doctor. Shocked at their deductible and they're not going to put up with it."

Rep. Bachmann failed to mention that health insurance prices are controlled by their insurance companies and their state regulators, not Obamacare. noted last year, "...the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare] does not set the price levels for care."

Rep. Bachmann warned that if the "godfather of Obamacare" Hillary Clinton wins the White House in 2016, "we will in all certainty see socialized medicine."

Rep. Bachmann didn't mention that countries with socialized medicine ranked above the U.S. in healthcare, noted the Commonwealth Fund.

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