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Religious Right Leaders: Gay Boy Scout Leaders Will Molest Boys (Video)

Robert Gates, president of the Boy Scouts of America, told the group's executives at an annual meeting last week in Atlanta that the organization's ban on gay scout leaders "cannot be sustained."

Gates warned that the courts were likely to change the policy "probably happen sooner rather than later," noted the New York Times.

Gates added that local organizations (such as churches) that sponsor scouts should be allowed to make their own rules in order to "preserve the religious freedom of our church partners."

However, Gates and the Boy Scouts of America were condemned by Rev. Franklin Graham, who claimed that gay scout leaders would "put young innocent boys at risk." notes that American Family Association radio show host Bryan Fischer recently said on his program (video below): "This is a disaster, this is a moral catastrophe because we know there is a high degree of correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia."

“It’s no longer going to be Boy Scouts of America, it’s going to be Gay Pedophiles Scouting For Boys," Fischer predicted.

Randy Sharp, director of Special Projects at the American Family Association, recently told OneNewsNow, "We would urge all parents to immediately remove their sons from the Boy Scouts of America."

Ignoring what Gates said about religious groups, Sharp added that this is an "opportunity for the homosexual agenda to infiltrate the church."

John Stemberger, head of an anti-gay rival scouting group, Trail Life USA, said in a statement: "It is tragic that the BSA is willing to risk the safety and security of its boys because of peer pressure from activist groups."

Michael Brown, a Christian author of several anti-gay books, told the conspiracy website WorldNet Daily, "This opens the door for sexual predators, a real danger, and it opens the door for gay boys to be flirting with straight boys under the auspices of the Boy Scouts."

There was not one mention among the Religous Right leaders of Josh Duggar's alleged sexual abuse of up to five underage girls, including his sisters.

Sources: New York Times,, OneNewsNow, WorldNet Daily
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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