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Religious Right Can't Stop Lying About Hate Crimes

From TFN Insider

The religious right’s campaign against a stronger federal law on hate crimes
has increasingly been, well, hateful. An e-mail blast from one Texas-based
pressure group this morning calls on recipients to express

“opposition to the pending hate crimes legislation, also known as the
“Pedophile Protection Act” due to its inclusion of pedophiles as a protected
class under the proposal that protects homosexuals from hate

Protecting pedophiles? That’s a lie, of course, as the Southern Poverty Law Center pointed out months ago. Media Matters
for America
and Politifact also looked at how the “pedophile” meme got its
hateful start.

We’ve seen a lot of far-right e-mails about the proposed hate crimes
legislation in Congress. Over time the venomous language attacking it has
evolved. At first was the absurd suggestion that clergy preaching against
homosexuality would fill our nation’s jails if the legislation passed. The
increasingly prominent message in recent months equates homosexuality with

We wonder how proud religious-right groups must be that they are sharing the
same message as anti-Semitic white supremacists and hate mongers like David
Duke, whose Web site blames the Anti-Defamation League for both hate
crimes legislation and “a history of hate for Christian values.”


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