Religious fundamentalism driving GOP hostility to gays


 The GOP has many people who don't just hate homosexuality, but gays. They sometimes try to deny it, but it is clear. Now, of course, not all Republicans are like this, but a significant percentage, maybe even a majority, fit this criteria. Anyway, why would someone so hate a sex act, that is like hating the concept of oral sex. It makes no sense, but for some reason it makes some people livid. Well, I really liked this column by its author, Rmuse, who wrote:

"Republicans have made it their stock and trade to deprive Americans of their rights based on religious dogmata, and their primary targets have been women and gays. Since the start of 2011, Republicans nationwide have passed hundreds of laws that discriminate against women by taking away their right to choose their own reproductive health. It is no secret that the attacks on women’s rights are borne of Christian-inspired ideology meant to force women to give birth and relinquish their equal rights guaranteed in the Constitution. The same bible-based ideology is being used to discriminate against gays and their ability to marry and move around the country."

 He is exactly right, the problem is religious dogma. Religion is given so much respect in society, that it is still considered uncivil to criticize it, no matter the damage and harm certain religious beliefs may cause. DOMA, the act that allowed states to ignore same sex marriages performed in other states, is not only wrong, bigoted, discriminatory but also unconstitutional. Rmuse later writes in the same column:

"There is little question that DOMA is unconstitutional and that it violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. It discriminates against same-sex couples by disallowing them the right to marry or move around the country that heterosexual couples enjoy. DOMA forces the bible’s definition of marriage as between one man and one woman on every citizen in the United States and therefore violates the 14th Amendment’s admonition that all citizens are afforded equal protection under the law. Since DOMA is a federal law, it supersedes any state’s law that allows same-sex marriage; especially if gay couples move from one state to another. So, if DOMA violates gay couple’s equal rights in the Constitution, and the Department of Justice is not defending the unconstitutional law, it stands to reason that the Constitutional supporters in the Republican Party would be in agreement with the president."

 DOMA also violates the Full Faith and Credit clause because it allows states to ignore marriages performed in other states. It is unConstitutional on many levels. Indeed, in the state of Texas there is a proposal to ban individuals who had a sex change operation from being able to marry. If someone born a man becomes a woman, she can't marry a man. But wait, since religious conservatives don't want her to have a same sex marriage, as a woman she couldn't than marry another woman. So, at that point, that person could marry no one.

 Or, will they argue in this situation that same sex marriage is allowed? It's hard to keep track of the consequences of such bigotry. Yes, there are moderate and liberal Christians but they never criticize the foundation of religious fundamentalist beliefs. They might argue a belief is wrong but they don't argue against the foundation for those beliefs, which is unquestioned religious faith. Faith in dogma, no matter how absurd that dogma might be, is the problem. It is the problem that gives rise to anti-gay bigotry and it is the problem that causes planes to fly into New York city skyscrapers.


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