Religion is dying a slow death


The other day, I found myself in downtown Madrid having to visit a governmental office for some needed paperwork. I was told to come back in several hours for another appointment. I decided to take a short walk to a cafeteria nearby. I sat down at one of their courtside tables and noticed I was sitting near a church. Actually, my table was directly in front of the large wide stairs leading to the front entrances. I wasn't on any fact finding mission, but the evening mass was about to start and I could not miss noticing that there seemed to be a rather large number of attendees making their way into the church. So what's the problem you ask? Their ages.

It seems that every last person entering this church had to have been at least in their late 60's. This got me to thinking. I know lots of people. My wife knows lots of people. And I cannot think of the first one in our age group whom we know who attends church. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of the last time that I heard any of my acquaintances speak about church or attending church.

Judging only by the lack of interest in the younger generations, as well as this scene that unfolded in front of my eyes at a church in a country known for its firm Christian values, could it be that religion is dying a slow death? My opinion is that it is most definitely dying a slow death. Signals of it demise are all around us, our upbringing and conditioning have kept us from speaking openly about it. People of my generation are hard put to make it known to their parents and grandparents that it is dead within us. When asked our religion, we automatically and without thinking simply say Christian in my case.

The obvious reality is death. We can wax phylosofical all we like, but its days are counted, and the countdown is inexorably continuing towards its demise.

My opinion? It's about time! In my opinion, religion has been governing the human race backed by its fear mongering phylosofy and it has bred and created a human period we should put behind us as soon as possible. True human growth and development shall take place when we are able to leave these religious beliefs behind us and concentrate on advancement rather than maintaining old beliefs.


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