Redskins Quarterback Turns Jesus Shirt Inside Out For Press Conference (Photo)


Bloggers and journalists noticed something unusual when Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III showed up for a press conference: the outspoken Christian had covered up a shirt denoting his faith.

Griffin had been wearing a bright blue shirt that read “Know Jesus Know Peace” prior to his appearance, which can be seen in locker room photos beforehand. However, when Griffin stood in front of the cameras to speak, his shirt had been turned inside out.

Washingt Post sports blogger Dan Steinberg was one of the first to notice the difference and posted a picture comparison to Twitter. After the comparison was uploaded, Richmond Times-Dispatach reporter Michael Phillips noted that the NFL forced Griffin to wear the shirt inside out since it wasn’t a Nike product.

Although some have suggested that the decision was an anti-Christian statement, others have noted that Griffin has been fined in the past for breaking the Nike apparel rule.

Following the unusual appearance, Griffin tweeted that he appreciated the support and prayers he’s received since he injured his ankle on Sunday. The athlete noted that he’s looking optimistically to God, even after suffering multiple injuries over the course of the past two years.

“You never want to be hurt. You want to be out there and available for your teammates," Griffin said. " But in moments like this you've just got to keep the faith, stay with it and just believe that everything happens for a reason and God has a plan."

During his recovery, Griffin said he hoped to see his team achieve a winning streak.

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Sources: The Blaze, Christian Post


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