Rapture Didn't Come May 21, Atheists and Humanists Blamed


May 21st, 2011 was supposed to be the supposed Rapture, as predicted by Harold Camping.

Camping is one of many individuals who had stated the time of this supposed event, which didn't come to pass. Some Christian fundamentalist types have said that even though he is wrong, the rapture will come.

No, it won't. It's a fairy tale. The idea that individuals (Christians or Christian fundamentalists in particular) will be teleported (or whatever the means) off the face of the earth is something out of a Stephen King book.

To be fair, part of me was hoping this Rapture event would come about. If we could get rid of people such as Pat Robertson, Camping, Rick Santorum and their still-powerful religious fundamentalist influence on our politics/public policy, that wouldn't be a bad thing. We could have same-sex marriage, a right to die and no more bans on sex toys (they exist in Alabama).

I was listening to conservative talk radio, and who was blamed by one caller for reporting about Camping? Humanists! Yes, humanists like me. See, we supposedly have so much control of America (we have elected a grand total of about 1 out of 535 members of the U.S. Congress) that we humanists planned to have Christian conservatives embarrassed by reporting on this nutjob, Camping, and his supposed Rapture.

See, the same people who want us to be a Christian theocracy get mad when those who don't want that, report on their fellow fundamentalists being wrong. Once again. People spent and gave all their money away because they believed that this Rapture would happen on that day and they wouldn't need it. Is Camping going to compensate them? Of course not. His radio network, called Family Radio, is worth $72 million dollars. Why anyone would give money to this fraud and charlatan I have no idea.

Oh, by the way, a latter caller on the same radio program stated that musical entertainers such as Lady Gaga, Madonna and even Beyonce were trying to turn us into devil worshipers with their music. The first two are somewhat controversial but Beyonce? Really? She went to church and has sang gospel music. Wait, she sang John Lennon's Imagine during a competition. It imagined a world without religion!

A world that would come about if the Rapture did happen! The ironic thing is, there are many people who think songs such as Imagine or even this column, are the work of a devil. They believe any support for free-thought and rationalism is the work of this being. We should pay attention to them, until the point they are so disbelieved, that they hold no more political power and influence over our lives.


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