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Ralph Reed, Former "Glory Boy" of Christian Right, is Back

The man once dubbed "the right hand of God" who energized Christian conservatives, took over the Republican Party and helped elect whole slates of GOP candidates is back.

Ralph Reed, former head of televangelist Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, said that his new venture -- the Faith and Freedom Coalition -- will be "younger, hipper, less strident, more inclusive," and will "harness the 21st century that will enable us to win in the future."

"This is not going to be your daddy's Christian Coalition," gushed Reed.

Once the baby-faced, squeaky clean image of an energized religious right in America, Reed compared his return to the national political stage with Steve Jobs coming back to Apple. "You have to re-invent it," Reed told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "It's the political analog to the iPod and the iPhone. It would be cool. It would be transformative. It would transform our politics and bring younger people to our ranks."

AANEWS will continue to cover this important developing story; but despite the glitzy techno-talk and promise of exclusivity, the Faith and Freedom Coalition may end up like its predecessor -- promoting an authoritarian, deceptive message of theocratic intolerance.


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