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Rafael Cruz Warns: 'New Religion Of America Is Secular Humanism' (Video)

Rafael Cruz, the father of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, lamented that the "new religion of America is secular humanism" on Feb. 3 (video below).

Rafael made his comments to Christian conservative talk show host Michael Brown during "The Line of Fire" radio show, notes

Rafael insisted that his son, who has touted Biblical values while running for president, was not trying to create a theocracy, but referred to Christians as the people who are the "moral fiber of America."

Rafael stated:

We are talking about restoring America back to the foundations, The Bible says, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" 

Our foundations have been eroded by secular humanism, by just, like you were saying earlier, by just destroying the family, by basically the moral values that have made America great have been practically destroyed and we have secularized America and the new religion of America is secular humanism.

According to the Council for Secular Humanism website, "Secular humanism is nonreligious, espousing no belief in a realm or beings imagined to transcend ordinary experience."

Rafael went on to attack Common Core, which he said was causing children to be "brainwashed not only with secular humanism, but with socialism, values clarification, situation ethics where there are no moral values.”

Rafael and Ted have been strongly courting the Christian vote during Ted's presidential campaign, and with good reason.

The New York Times noted in January that Christian evangelicals comprise more than 50 percent of Republican voters in 11 states in the GOP presidential primary between Feb. 1 and March 5. If Cruz can win those states, as he has won Iowa, it could give him some strong momentum.

Sources:, The New York Times, Council for Secular Humanism / Photo Credit: The Line of Fire via YouTube

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