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Radio Pastor Kevin Swanson Hates on Gays and Graham Crackers, Calling Nabisco 'Wholesome' Ad 'Disgusting'

In a hateful and perplexing response to Nabisco’s “Wholesome” Honey Maid advertisement, pastor Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio compared homosexuality to “axe murder” and “cannibalism.”

The Honey Maid ad, which features several diverse families enjoying s’mores and Teddy Grahams with the tagline “This is Wholesome,” drew controversy for including a gay couple.

Swanson spoke of “axe murder” and “homosexuality” in the same breath when slamming the ad on Friday.

"When you come down to things like axe murder or homosexuality and you say, ‘We’re really going to promote it and we’re going to encourage everybody in America to engage in this or at least support this thing,’ there will be people on the other side who will take an adamantly opposed position to your support of axe murdering or homosexuality," he told co-host Steve Vaughn. "They will be intolerant — they will be very intolerant of that which is evil, like axe murdering."

Swanson also predicted that despite the number of positive comments on the ad, Nabisco would “lose business” because of the “28 percent, 38 percent, 47 percent of the market that will not go with it.”

He went on to call same-sex marriage “egregious,” accusing its supporters of championing the agenda of ancient Rome’s most notorious tyrant.

“So their decision to step out and say, ‘we’re going to take the lowest road possible on this, we’re going to support one of the most egregious things ever concocted since Nero — Nero being the one who came up with homosexual marriage, the namesake for it — we’re going to support the Neronic agenda,’ there will be I think 28 percent, 38 percent, it may eventually go as low as 28 percent, but you’re still going to get a pretty substantial bunch of Americans that will say, ‘Hey, this is disgusting, Nabisco is disgusting.’”

Swanson previously directed his anti-gay ire at another prime target, the Oscar-winning Disney movie “Frozen.”

"I’m guessing the majority of American parents don’t want their little boys turning into sodomites, at this point," he said. "My guess is that 60 to 70 percent of them would say, 'That would be my worst nightmare.'"

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Huffington Post


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