Rabbi Noah Muroff Finds Nearly $100,000 In Desk He Purchased For $200, Returns Cash To Previous Owner


A Connecticut man made quite the discovery when he found nearly $100,000 in cash in a desk he had purchased on Craigslist. He returned the money to the desk’s previous owner.

Rabbi Noah Muroff paid $200 for the sturdy wooden desk, but when he stripped out the drawers and cabinets to get it through his front door, he discovered a shopping bag full of hundred dollar bills, according to Mail Online.

When the rabbi and his wife got the desk home, their new piece of furniture wouldn’t fit through a door. They took it apart and behind the drawers they found a plastic bag filled with cash.

“Behind the drawers there is this plastic bag, like a shopping,” Muroff told WTNH. “In the bag, I could already see through the bag, it looks like a one hundred dollar bill.”

“We open it up and it's full of cash. And we counted up and there's $98,000 cash sitting in the bag.”

The rabbi and his wife knew they couldn’t keep the cash, so they called the previous owner to tell her about the find.

The desk’s previous owner, who said she had put her inheritance in the desk and forgot where she put the money, was extremely thankful and wrote a note that was published by the Jewish news blog Vos Iz Neias, according to Mail Online.

“I can not thank you enough for your honesty and integrity,” the woman wrote. “I do not think there are too many people in this world that would have done what you did by calling me. I do like to believe that there are still good people left in this crazy world we live in. You certainly are one of them.”

Rabbi Muroff said the most important thing in life is to be honest.

Sources: Mail Online, WTNH


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