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Public Schools Compared to 'Foreign Enemy' by Christian-Based Family Research Council

The Family Research Council sounded the alarm about public schools in their latest newsletter mailing to supporters.

According to, the Family Research Council included scary-sounding language on the envelope of the newsletter: “Beginning THIS MONTH…they don’t want any American child to escape. Read how we can STOP them.”

The actual newsletter sounds as if it were written by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, but is actually penned by Family Research Council head Tony Perkins:

If a foreign enemy had plotted to infiltrate America, I’m not sure an army of undercover subversives could have done more damage than our government-run schools... Leftists don’t want a single American child to escape their thought control.  And they are crowding out true education.

Today’s science classes often feature big-government political propaganda, taking time and focus away from true science. Not to mention attacks on the Bible and arrogant censoring of any theories like intelligent design that challenge their Darwinism.

He did not mention exactly what the "big-government political propaganda" is, but apparently is leaving that to the imaginations of his supporters.

Perkins also blamed sex education for destroying the souls of children: "This obsession with liberal sex ‘education’ shows how the minds and souls of our young people are being deliberately sabotaged.”

Perkins did see a silver lining beyond all this doom and gloom. He mentions how he helped Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal pass “one of the most family-friendly school choice laws in America.”

However, this law was declared "unconstitutional" by the Louisiana Supreme Court because "public money now being used to pay private and religious school tuition should instead be going to public schools," noted The Washington Post.

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