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Public Schools Are 'Anti-God Indoctrination Camps' Claims Liberty Counsel

Liberty Counsel president Anita Staver described U.S. public schools as “dangerous, anti-God indoctrination camps” in the Liberty Counsel's "Liberator" newsletter last month.

Staver began her newsletter article by misapplying a Bible verse that was addressed to Israel in Deuteronomy 28:32, but has nothing to do with schools: "Your sons and your daughters shall be given to another people.."

She continued her fear-mongering with, "You and I are being forced to support these socialist camps that threaten our nation’s very survival."

Staver dramatically claimed that “every day, millions of helpless people are taken there on buses to be brainwashed and victimized” and called for Christian parents to homeschool their children, noted

Staver also wrote:

You probably even have relatives or friends who are mandated to live in these camps for countless hours of the most impressionable and formative years of their lives. Of course, these government indoctrination camps are also known as “public schools.”

Public schools have indeed, become some of the most dangerous places in America, not just because of potential violence, but due to humanists with revisionist textbooks espousing anti-God lies to throngs of unsuspecting indoctrinees.

...We cannot stick our head in the sand while our nation’s children are held hostage in government indoctrination camps. We dare not leave our most precious resource – our children – to the humanists. Secularization has deeply infected many school systems nationwide, spurred on by anti -Christian groups like the ACLU, People for the American Way, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and other radical groups that systematically coerce administrators into kicking God out the door.

Staver gave no actual examples of "kicking God out the door," but did ask readers to "Join with us for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Resist the godless, socialist indoctrination before it’s too late!"

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