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Public School Teacher Under Fire After Bible Distribution

Duncan, Oklahoma, has become the center of controversy this week after a national humanist organization is considering a potential lawsuit against Duncan Public Schools. The organization claims that a teacher distributed bibles during her class.

According to KSWO, an email was sent to the district from a group with the American Humanist Association in Washington, D.C. after parent of a third-grade student at Woodrow Wilson Elementary claimed that their child felt "peer-pressured and coerced” into taking a bible after the teacher begun distributing them during class.

"I think Duncan is a very shielded, small town. I'd really like to see these small town school districts become more aware that we really need to be more open to other religions in the area as well," said a parent in regards to the incident.

As a result, Appignani Humanist Legal Center, a non-profit organization that focuses on issues relating to separation of church and state, notified the district and explained that they have until Friday to respond to these allegations or a lawsuit may be coming their way.

Many parents and residents in and around the Oklahoma area have shared their thoughts and opinions throughout various social media platforms including Facebook. There have been mixed reactions surrounding this reported claim as many feel that it simply was not a big deal, though others feel the bible does not belong in a public school classroom.

"We're not all Christians. And even if we were, still not everybody would practice the same. And we have to have tolerance for all different types," wrote a parent on Facebook.

"I actually talked to my daughters about it and I asked them if they'd want to take their Bibles to school," said Candice Barnes-Padilla. "A woman that was just handing them out, but giving them free will, if you want to take one. I don't feel like that's a problem.”

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