Anti-Gay Religious Protest At Pulse Nightclub Memorial (Video)

Religious protesters picketed outside the Pulse nightclub where a remembrance ceremony was held in Orlando, Florida, on June 12 (video below).

One of the protesters was handcuffed by police, notes WFTV. There is no word why the man was handcuffed, or if he was charged.

A second protester was seen carrying a sign that read, "Sin = Death," on one side, and, "Warning: All homos will burn like f****** in hell" on the other.

He shouted at the crowd: "You're an abomination!" and, "Repent of your sin!"

The crowd shouted back: "Love conquers hate!"

The remembrance ceremony was supposed to honor first responders and victims of the mass shooting -- 49 killed, more than 53 wounded -- that happened on June 12, 2016.

The ceremony was one of four remembrance services that were planned. The first was a private ceremony that started around 1 a.m. for survivors, local officials and victims' families, notes WKMG.

Pulse owner Barbara Poma spoke to the attendees: "Orlando is proof that love always wins. Today you are going to hear the word love a lot, and that is our word of the day, love and kindness."

There were people dressed as angels surrounding the club to give the attendees privacy.

"We gather here today in the name of love," Poma stated.

Family members read the names of all 49 victims, beginning at 2:02 a.m., which was when the mass shooting began.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina, Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs also attended the private service.

Cheresse Uoung, who was working as a DJ at the nightclub on the night of the shooting, said: "It softens my heart, and warms my heart, to know so many people care what happened that night."

Jim McDermott, whose friend, Chris Brodman, escaped the tragedy but died from a brain aneurysm three months later, added: "We wish that we could go back and save the 49, we wish would go back in time, but we can't. But we can save the 53 that were injured, and we can make sure that they are taken care of."

During a ceremony in the afternoon, Poma said: "I miss Pulse. I miss everything it stood for. I miss serving the LGBTQ-plus community, our Latin community, in a way only a gay bar can. I am grateful and comforted when I hear your memories and I see your pictures of the best times of your lives."

Sources: WFTV, WKMG / Photo credit: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) via Wikimedia Commons

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