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Protestants at High Suicide Risk During Reccession

GREENVILLE, SC -- As unemployment rates rise around the United States, experts predict a corresponding rise in the suicide rate. Recognizing that the Christian community is not exempt from this trend, South Carolina-based Prasso Ministries is offering tools to help people build a faith that sustains and grows in times of crisis.

According to Dr. Harvey Brenner at John Hopkins University, for every one percent increase in the unemployment rate, an additional 1,200 people can be expected to commit suicide.

And the Christian community is not exempt. reports that among faith groups in the United States, Protestants--despite their stand against suicide--have the highest suicide rate.

"That's tragic and yet understandable," confirms Laura Baker, executive director of Prasso Ministries. "Many people who have been in church all their lives still have their faith knocked out from under them due to job or financial loss brought on by the recession."

Baker says this is precisely where Prasso comes in. "We come alongside individuals with self- and group-study materials to help them build a new, solid faith foundation and get back on their feet." Prasso Ministries is a non-profit, faith-based discipleship ministry committed to partnering with individuals in their Christian faith journey, helping them to establish wellbeing from a Biblical perspective.


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