Proposed Indonesian Laws Include Prison Time for Premarital Sex, Adultery and Black Magic

Indonesian lawmakers are mulling a new criminal code that proposes time behind bars for offenses such as premarital sex, black magic, adultery and insulting the president, among others.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and led by a team of conservative Muslim scholars, the new code reflects the influence of the country’s conservative population.

According to the CIA’s website, Muslims account for over 85 percent of Indonesia’s various religious groups.

Specifically, the proposed code would include five year prison terms for premarital sex, adultery, black magic, and insulting the president.

Singles living together under the same roof would be imposed one year prison stints.

The country’s current criminal code dates back to Indonesia’s era as a Dutch colony, according to the Wall Street Journal. Although new laws have sprung up in recent decades to account for changing times – such as issues with cybercrime, corruption, terrorism, and various transgressions – many of those laws have yet to be incorporated into a criminal code.

However, many have raised issues with the country’s new proposed code, which they claim is an attempt by officials to legislate morality.

Although the proposed code clearly reflects Indonesia’s growing conservative movement, discovering whether this shift reflects society as whole is the big question that needs to be addressed, said Indri Saptaningrum, executive director of the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy in Indonesia.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Newser


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