'Prophet' Cindy Jacobs Binds Demons on Airplane Passengers (Video)


Self-proclaimed "prophet" Cindy Jacobs recently gave her followers advice about binding demonic spirits that are attached to passengers on an airplane.

Jacobs began her lesson by saying "new levels, new devils," in reference to facing demonic spirits (video below).

"I used to find myself, as I would pray over an area, coming home from a ministry trip, I would feel kinda depressed on the airplane coming home. And I later understood that I needed to take authorities over the spirits, the demonic spirits that might have attached to the people in the plane," claimed Jacobs.

"They might feel kinda depressed, they might be feeling all kinds of emotions and its being projected into the spiritual atmosphere and can affect you. I will sometimes bind the powers of darkness that are influencing from the people on the plane."

Source: RightWingWatch.org


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