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Pro-Trump Christian: Donations For 'Army Rising Up'

Lance Wallnau, a Christian speaker and consultant who supports President-elect Donald Trump, asked his followers on Dec. 25 to send donations so that he can start up a weekly radio broadcast from Washington, D.C., that will result in an "army rising up in the earth."

According to Right Wing Watch, Wallnau referred to Trump as a divine wrecking ball that will be used against political correctness and God's enemies, claimed the three-time married gambling casino mogul was anointed by God, and compared the reality TV star to Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Earlier in December, Wallnau told Christians in an email how he needed money for missionary work in foreign countries:

I am getting calls from believers in other countries that see this as the moment to shift their nation. The truth is, I need to self fund these global 7m missionary events. Doors have opened into China and Africa but we don’t have a big enough budget to send the team that is needed.

Wallnau sent out another email on Christmas Day that asked for financial support for his proposed radio show:

I believe God will resource you this year in new ways as you sow into the birthing of this new thing God is doing in Lance Wallnau ministries and our work as a voice to the nation. If what I am seeing is accurate, I believe we will be broadcasting from Washington D.C. I believe God will make happen for you what you help make happen for others!

I’ve never felt so strong as I do now about the supernatural nature of what we’re stepping into. For some of you – this is the season to become a monthly partner with us! For others, this is the season to give that special donation, like the kings from the east. This is a special window of time right now.

Wallnau fired out another email a few days later that asked for donations for his radio show (again), his rising army, his dream of planting "micro-groups" in various nations and his efforts to create a "holy disruption" on U.S. college campuses:

I need only $100,000 and I can start to BROADCAST WEEKLY FROM WASHINGTON D.C. We are going to have to be an army rising up in the earth, or we will see the sons of anarchy ruin the harvest of nations. We have tons of preachers but few teachers and persuaders on the front lines where FAITH AND CULTURE COLLIDE.

This is the year to plant micro-groups all over the nations. It’s the year to provide training and activation on America’s leftists college campuses! We (you and my family) are called to help network the Millennials together for a holy disruption.

Wallnau's website lists his five different levels of monthly donations, which all come with various resources from his ministry: Ascend Partner ($25), Dynamic Partner ($50), Angel Partner ($100), Dream Partner ($500), Life Mastery Partner ($1000).

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Lance / Photo credit: Lance

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