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Evangelist Celebrates Defeat Of 'Jezebel' Clinton (Video)

Evangelist John Kilpatrick appeared to refer to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as "Jezebel" during his message to The Evangel Temple in Meridian, Mississippi, on Nov. 13 (video below).

Earlier in the service (not on the video), Kilpatrick complained about President Barack Obama's administration for --  what he considers -- telling people how to feel, notes Raw Story:

The last eight years, we have had in our government as system that has tried to capture the minds of Americans. It has tried to tell us what we think, what we can say, what we must not say. It has tried to tell us how we feel about terrorism, Islamic terrorism. It’s tried to tell us how we should feel about abortion.

In the beginning of the video clip, Kilpatrick tells the congregation that demon-possessed people should not be treated by mental health professionals, but rather by someone who is anointed and can cast the demons out.

Kilpatrick noted there had been an election, and predicted that God's spirit was going to move in America; he then proceeded to speak in tongues.

After speaking in tongues for several minutes, Kilpatrick is heard thanking the Lord multiple times:

Thank the Lord for the victory! Thank you for saving our nation! Thank you, Lord, for bringing Jezebel down! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ... Thank you Lord for a free clean atmosphere! Thank you Lord for washing out the atmosphere of America! Revival’s on the way! Revival’s on the way!

John Kilpatrick Ministries' website encourages people to become regular financial donors, also known as a JKM Partner, with the pitch: "Partnership Has Its Perks."

According to Christian Theologian John MacArthur, speaking in tongues has ceased from a Biblical perspective, Grace to You reports:

The evidence of history also indicates that tongues have ceased. It is significant that tongues are mentioned only in the earliest books of the New Testament. Paul wrote at least twelve epistles after 1 Corinthians and never mentioned tongues again. Peter never mentioned tongues; James never mentioned tongues; John never mentioned tongues; neither did Jude.

Tongues appeared only briefly in Acts and 1 Corinthians as the new message of the gospel was being spread. But once the church was established, tongues were gone. They stopped. The later books of the New Testament do not mention tongues again, and neither did anyone in the post-apostolic age.

(Note: Kilpatrick makes Jezebel mention at 7:50 mark)

Sources: Raw Story, Grace To YouJohn Kilpatrick Ministries / Photo Credit: The Evangel Temple via YouTube

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