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Pro-Ted Cruz Pastor: 'Separation Of Church And State Is A Myth' (Video)

Pastor Mike Gonzalez, the South Carolina Evangelical Chairman for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, told MSNBC host Joy Reid over the weekend that the “separation of church and state is a myth" (video below).

Reid asked Gonzalez what he would say to secular Americans who don't support having a president who would use his own "personal faith to run the country when the Constitution has a separation of church and state," reports Mediaite.

Gonzalez replied:

"Well, the reality of it is this idea of the separation of church and state is a myth. You bring your faith into the marketplace just like you do anything else. So, Ted Cruz will be a president not just, you know who is a preacher and pastor in the White House, that’s not the idea.

"But I believe all people, all Americans can rally around Ted Cruz because he upholds the Constitution. I believe all Americans want to truly uphold the law."

Reid countered:

"Let me just push back on you a little bit, because the separation of church and state is not a myth, it’s actually a constitutional fact. It’s a fact on the ground. It’s a part of our constitutional makeup.

"The founding fathers were explicit that they did not want to have a national church. So, can a candidate like Ted Cruz run on essentially saying he would ignore that part of the Constitution, if you’re saying he’s a president who would actually run on the Constitution?"

Gonzalez went on to say that the Constitution upholds First Amendment rights, and that Cruz would follow the Constitution.

In January, Cruz stated, “I’m a Christian first, I’m an American second, I’m a conservative third, and I’m a Republican fourth, and that’s part of the problem, is that there are too many people who don’t have that ordering correct,” noted The Daily Banter.

Sources: Mediaite, The Daily Banter / Photo credit: YouTube

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