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Pro-Life Tennessee State Rep. Joe Carr Says Issue of Abortion is 'Really' Not 'That Difficult' (Audio)

Tennessee State Rep. Joe Carr (R), a conservative Tea Partier, is planning to challenge Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) in next year's election.

Carr has called Sen. Alexander "the most liberal member of the delegation from Tennessee," reported

Earlier this year, Carr wrote a bill making it a crime in Tennessee for federal agents to enforce any effort to ban firearms or ammunition, but the proposal failed, noted The Huffington Post.

According to, Carr told radio host Michael DelGiorno back in May that issues such as abortion “really aren’t that difficult” (audio below).

"If you get the principles right, if you understand those first principles, really understand them, and you can understand what they are and why they are, then the issues really aren’t that difficult." said Carr. "They really aren’t. For guys like you and I, we understand why the right to an abortion is an abomination, because it’s the principle of life. So, the issue takes care of itself."

DelGiorno added that gun control shouldn't even be a "policy argument" because of "our inalienable right to protect ourselves."

Carr then claimed the "Bill of Rights enumerates the inalienable rights given us by God. Our rights don’t come from government, they don’t come from parchment, they come from God."

"All the Bill of Rights does is innumerate those," added Carr. "So you say, ‘Well, where can I find those rights?’ You can find them in the Bill of Rights. But where do they come from? They come from God."

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