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Pro-Life Clinics Reject Atheist Volunteer Sarah Terzo

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Sarah Terzo, a pro-life supporter and member of Secular Pro-Life, was turned away when she tried to volunteer at her local crisis pregnancy center because she admitted to being an atheist.

According to Patheos, officials at the clinic, which is run by a Christian ministry group, were, in her words, “open and friendly” when she approached them about volunteering. Terzo explained that she had a background in counseling women online and had helped a number of them come to the decision not to abort their child. But when Terzo told them she was an atheist, the clinic refused to allow her to volunteer. 

“Sorry, we are a Christian ministry,” Terzo reported an employee of the clinic saying. “We don’t have atheists or non-Christians working here. But you are free to make a donation.”

Terzo wrote about her experience in a blog post.

I asked them if I could have a position where I wouldn’t be called upon to counsel women. Could I do paperwork or answer the phone? The answer was no. They wanted no help from me.

As an experiment, I took up the phone book and called nine crisis pregnancy centers. I did not find a single one that would allow an atheist to volunteer.  

Terzo further suggested that the connection between religion and the pro-life movement may be hurting the cause more than helping it, as abortion becomes an increasingly secular issue and non-Christians pro-lifers such as herself are marginalized in the process.

Sources: Patheos, Live Action News


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