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Pro-Israel Muslim Ataf Crenawe Runs for Office in Israel's Knesset

Ataf Crenawe, a Muslim, is running for a seat in the Knesset (pictured), which is Israel's version of congress.

Crenawe is a member of the newly-established party Ha Tikva l'Shinui (which means "Hope for Change").

Crenawe is supported by David Ha'ivri, who is the Exective Director, Shomron Foreign
Liason in public relations.  Ha'ivri traveled to Nigeria to participate in a conference, held by a Pastor John Hagee who is a supporter of Israel, and met Crenawe.

Ha'ivri credits Pastor Hagee and Crenawe for showing him that there are Christians and Arabs who are supporters of Israel.

Crenawe comes from a village and family of Arab Muslims who believe that Arabs can live together in Israel with Jews.

Many Israelis see Crenawe as the beginning of a moderate Muslim movement that is willing to work within the structure of the nation of Israel.


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