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Pro-Gay Brochure Turning U.S. into Soviet Union, Says American Family Association (Audio)

American Family Association radio host, Sandy Rios, recently slammed a brochure created by  DOJPride, a group representing LGBT employees at the U.S. Department of Justice (audio below).

On her Christian radio show, Rios told Fox News correspondent, Todd Starnes, that the pro-gay brochure was a sign the United States is turning into the Soviet Union, which has been anti-gay for decades.

While DOJPride is admittedly pro-gay, its brochure is a non-legally binding list of tips on how to create a LGBT-friendly work environment, notes

However, Starnes said: "They also require managers to post a symbol, an emblem, showing that they are pro-gay in their office."

"It kinda makes it clear that it's not enough to give so-called equality, any objection must be eradicated and this is our future if we allow this to continue," Rios said.

Starnes said people had to "fight back" or "what will happened eventually is this kind of thing will creep into the church and soon pastors and churches could very well find themselves in defiance of the law."

“When I was a girl, the Soviet Union was such a great threat to the world, the spread of Communism, and those of us that remember that era we have not forgotten, we just never thought it would happen in our country," Rios said. "I’ve had callers to the radio show who grew up in the Soviet Bloc countries, I’ve had them call weeping to see what’s happening to our loss of freedoms.”

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council made a similar dire warning in May: "When the Justice Department is done violating journalists’ First Amendment rights, it looks like they’ll move on to employees. In a chilling memo to DOJ staff, the Obama administration is warning managers that they’d better start embracing homosexuality — or else. The email, which a Justice employee leaked to Liberty Counsel, is a scary reminder of how far this administration will go to crush free speech and expression in America.



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