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Pro-Family Group Wants Women To Choose Baby Burial Method Before Having Abortion (Video)

The Christian ministry Focus on the Family's political arm CitizenLink recently interviewed Ryan McCann, who is the policy director of the Indiana Family Institute about the "pro-family" bills that the group is pushing.

McCann told CitizenLink that one of the goals of his organization is to get Indiana lawmakers to pass a law against having an abortion based on the sex of the baby (video below).

However, the U.S. already bans sex-selective abortion, reported NBC News in 2014. Additionally, a study by scholars at the University of Chicago Law School found that sex-selective abortions in the U.S. are largely a myth and promote anti-Asian stereotypes.

McCann also claimed that "nine of ten" babies with Down syndrome are aborted and that his organization is lobbying to ban that practice. A similar claim was made by GOP presidential nominee Rick Santorum in 2012.

However, notes there not been a nationwide study on this issue, only localized studies that show the number may be around 80-90 percent in some areas, but much lower in others.

McCann also said that the Indiana Family Institute wants regulations that govern the disposal of aborted babies. He claimed that some fetuses are flushed down toilets and industrial drains.

"We're trying to further regulate those things and also give women an opportunity, before they go through with an abortion, to make sure the abortion clinics offer them an option of what they would like done with their baby. Would they like a burial, would they like cremation, how would they like the abortion clinic to deal with that," said McCann.

He later applauded pro-life Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) for being pro-life, but didn't mention that Gov. Pence opposed expanding Medicaid for uninsured poor people or setting up a state exchange. Gov. Pence didn't decide to expand the so-called "Healthy Indiana Plan" for Indiana residents until 2014 in order to get federal tax dollars, noted Business Insider.

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Image credit: CitizenLink Screenshot


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