Pro-Family Group Compares Gays to Drug Addicts, Adulterers (Audio)


The Family Research Council (FRC) is a pro-family group that has a long history of gay bashing.

The FRC has compared gay marriage to a man marrying his horse, homosexuals to child molesters and gay activists to terrorists.

Last Friday on his "Washington Watch" radio show, FRC president Tony Perkins urged his followers to pray for gay people as if they were drug addicts or adulterers, noted (audio below).

“We need to be praying for those who are bound up in these lifestyles whether it is homosexuality, whether it is drugs, whatever it might be, anything that is outside the design of God for mankind, and it could be adulterous relationships, it doesn’t matter. It's outside God's design," said Perkins.

He then lectured his listeners on how to treat gay people, "but before we speak we need to pray."



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