Pro-Choice Activists Accused of Yelling 'Hail Satan' at Pro-Life Protesters (Video)


Pro-choice activists are being accused of yelling “Hail Satan!” while pro-life activists sang “Amazing Grace” inside the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas on Tuesday.

Both sides appeared for the first day of a second special session of the Texas legislature, which was called for by Texas Governor Rick Perry, notes the Washington Times.

Republicans want pass bill SB 5, which would ban all abortions after 20 weeks without an exception for rape or incest.

The GOP cannot get the number of votes required to pass SB 5 during a regular session, thus Republican Gov. Perry keeps calling for special sessions, which require fewer votes.

A blogger named Adam Cahm recorded the confrontation on video (below) and posted it on

Cahm wrote: “It’s been a very interesting day at the Texas State Capitol. … LetTexasSpeak has been doing a live broadcast from the rotunda where women have been sharing their abortion related testimonies. The pro-abortion crowd has responded with repeated chants of ‘hail Satan.’ It’s taken us all day to get a video recording."

However, it's hard to hear exactly what the pro-choice protesters are saying in response the pro-life demonstrators. Some observers have said that if the "Hail Satan!" chant was made, it was in response to the pro-life group trying to co-opt God to their side with the hymn.

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