Pro-Choice Activist Prays for Abortion at Iowa Rally (Video)


Iowa Democrat gubernatorial candidates, State Senator Jack Hatch and Rep. Tyler Olson Tyler Olson, appeared at a rally last Wednesday at the Iowa State Capitol where an unusual prayer was given.

The rally began with a prayer by pro-choice activist Midge Slater, who prayed for abortion rights, women and the safety of abortion doctors, noted The Iowa Republican.

“We give thanks, oh Lord, for the doctors, both current and future, who provide quality abortion care. And pray that they may be kept safe... We pray for elected officials, that they may always support a woman's right to make her own medical decision,” said Slater (video below).

Slater also prayed for pregnant women and childcare: "We pray for increased financial support for low-income women to access contraception, abortion and childcare. We pray for all pregnant women. May they be surrounded by loving voices.”

"Today, we pray for women in developing nations, that they may know the power of self-determination. May they have access to employment, education, birth control and abortion. We thank God for the women in our lives who have given us examples of good decision-making.”

"We pray for an end to hateful language that diminishes the dignity of women. We pray for women who have been made afraid by their paternalistic religion. May they learn to reject fear,” added Slater.

Source: The Iowa Republican


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