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Catholic Priest Caught On Camera Smacking Kids During Church Service (Video)

A video (below) of a Catholic priest shaking children and hitting them in the head during a church service has gone viral.

Gustavo Barriga posted the video on his Facebook page on Jan. 19, and it garnered over 1 million views, 43,000 shares, and 5,000 likes in two days.

In the video, the priest smacks the kids during what appears to be communion. One child tries to craw past the priest who kicks him.

The author of the blog Friendly Atheist notes that he was tipped off to the video by someone who didn't provide details except to say that the church appears to be in Central or South America.

Barrage wrote a caption on Facebook in Spanish which, when translated to English via Google, reads: "BEFORE my opinion on this wolf dressed obelisk. Please know that I respect LONG AS RELIGIONS AIGA ADUCASION LOVE AND RESPECT. If I tubiera such a child and makes him this I haserco and tumble of a madraso my jente and awaken are not dumb animals paresen asy passing by that type."

Sources: Gustavo Barriga/Facebook, Friendly Atheist, Google Translate / Photo Credit: Gustavo Barriga/Facebook Screenshot

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